Sichuan Chengdu Export Processing Zone International Trade Co., Ltd.

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    Sichuan Chengdu Export Processing Zone International Trade Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd. It was established in July 2002. The registered capital is RMB 20,000,000 Yuan. The business scope involves in self-management or agency of import and export of various goods and technologies, domestic trade, warehousing and mechanical and electrical equipment installation and maintenance and technical services.
    The company fully makes use of the good brand image, marketing platform and capital guarantee of Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Group; following the strategy deployment of positively developing domestic and overseas trade channel, accelerating the resource sharing construction and carrying out all-round and diversified domestic and overseas trade, the company conducts standard operation and manages sincerely, thus building an import and export trade system of bulky building material supply with steel, cement and electrical equipment as the core supplemented by ordinary building materials, raw materials and equipment.
    As an important part of the park auxiliary value-added service section in the Hi-Tech Development Zone, the company has always provided the enterprises in the Hi-Tech Development Zone and Comprehensive Bonded Area with such services as engineering and production material supply, in and out customs declaration, engineering construction supplier management and finance consultation. The annual import and export volume is USD 20,000,000.
    Since 2013, as the bulky building material supplier of construction section of Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Group, the company exploits advantages such as capital credit and mainly operates bulky building materials with steel, cement and electrical equipment as the core. The annual sales are about RMB 400,000,000 Yuan.
    The company has an outstanding and high-efficiency team, with good expertise and rich experience. Quality and reputation assurance is our solemn promise.

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