Financial Service

Make the financial service more value-added: the High-tech Zone has deployed the goal of implementing the science & technology and finance innovation project in the strategy of "The 3rd Entrepreneurship". The Group will actively cooperate with the High-tech zone and take the promotion of construction for the demonstration area combining science & technology and finance as an opportunity to expand the value-added service sector; it will choose an opportunity to actively intervene in such business areas as bank, security, finance lease and so on, to make the sector become a significant profit center of the Group.


Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd.: by the end of 2014, the on-guarantee balance is RMB 3,267 million, covering 346 enterprises and realizing a premium income of RMB 87.18 million; in which the on-guarantee balance in the High-tech Zone is RMB 1,279 million, covering 202 enterprises. It offered a total of loan guarantees of RMB 17,400 million for 1739 medium-sized and small enterprises. Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Small-scale Loans Co., Ltd. (holding): in 2014, it granted a total of RMB 1,239 million of loans, involving 135 enterprises. Chengdu Hi-tech Jinhong Technology Small-scale Loans Co., Ltd. (equity participation): in 2014, it granted a total of RMB 2,029 million of loans, involving 623 enterprises. CDHTI Winpower Investment & Development Co., Ltd.: at the uniformed Winpower borrowing and returning loan platform; by the end of 2014, the on-load balance is totally RMB 930 million through the CDB loan platform and the Export-Import Bank of China loan platform, serving 93 enterprises and granting a total of RMB 5,187 million. At the same time, the Group organized such entrepreneurial activities as forums, salons, venture contests, training and so on to improve the value-added services, which efficiently promote the integration of science & technology with finance and effectively ease financing difficulties of medium-sized and small enterprises. Provincial Science and Technology Department and Provincial Finance Office issued a document to expand Winpower to promote the service mode integrating science & technology with finance in the whole province, and respectively signed the Science & Technology and Finance Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Ya'an Science and Technology Bureau, Deyang Science and Technology Bureau, Suining Science and Technology Bureau, Leshan High-tech Zone and Neijiang High-tech Zone.

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