Chairman's Address
    Trekking in the wind and rain and jointly creating the brilliance. CDHT Investment Group starts along with the "establishment" of the High-tech Zone. After nineteen years of development, it has gone through the experience and baptism of the High-tech Zone from the "establishment" to "development "; now it has developed into a large-scale comprehensive investment and financing company and its business scope covers the construction development, asset operation, industry investment, value-added service and other fields.
    As an important starting point and only platform of development and construction of the High-tech Zone in Chengdu, CDHT Investment Group has always followed a principle of business specialization, operation marketization and management refinement. It plays an important role in major infrastructure construction, industrial carrier and platform construction, investment in industrial projects and other aspects, and effectively supports the rapid development of industries in the zone.
    Looking forward to the future, the burden is heavy and the road is long, and we have the full confidence. Around "The 3rd Entrepreneurship" of the High-tech Zone and the overall goal building a world-class high-tech park, the Group establishes a "4 + 1" business development strategy; according to the development positioning doing strong construction development, large value-added service, solid industry investment, live asset management and optimal listed company, it constantly adjusts the business structure, deepens the state-owned enterprises reform, optimizes the strategic layout and boosts the upgrading and development of high-tech industries. We will effectively assume the political responsibility, economic responsibility and social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and strive to play four functions of state-owned enterprise financing platform, infrastructure construction pioneer, industry leader and people-friendly starting point, to develop the Group into a world-class high-tech park investment operator and promote new contributions of "The 3rd Entrepreneurship" of the High-tech Zone.
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